classic pizzas

medium: $10.50  large: $14.50
extras   m: $1.00   l: $1.50
extra cheese   m: $1.00   l:$2.00

All pizzas are woodfired and have a base of fresh home-made napoli sauce & mozzarella cheese

1. Lioni Special

Ham, hot salami, mushroom, green capsicum & spanish onion

2. Aussie

Ham, bacon, egg & a sprinkle of spring onion

3. Pepperoni

Salami, extra cheese & sauce

4. Capricciosa

Ham, mushroom & olives (anchovies optional)

5. Hawaiian

Ham & pineapple

6. Margherita

Extra cheese, fresh diced tomato, oregano & fresh herbs topped with napoli (v)

7. Meat Lovers

Ham, mild salami, bacon, marinated ground beef & BBQ sauce

8. Mexicana

Hot salami, green capsicum, olives & jalapeños

9. Napoletana

Olives, anchovies, oregano & garlic (v)

10. Chicken Paradise

Chicken, mushroom, pineapple & BBQ sauce (satay & sweet chilli available)

11. Vegetarian

Mushroom, onion, capsicum, tomato, olives & garlic (v)

12. The Lot  
m:$11.50 l: $15.50

Ham, salami, bacon, shrimp, mushroom, capsicum, onion, pineapple, tomato, olives, garlic & herbs (anchovies optional)